Karo Parisyan V.S. Josh Burkman

Round-1 both of us landing a Left-Hook, which mine landed and his didn’t. He has heavy hands, good thing I was able to dodge a lot of the punches.

Karo Parisyan V.S. Dong Yun Kim

Round-3 against Dong Yun Kim, landed a solid Left-Elbow that “stunned” the “Stun Gun” and won the fight with a unanimous decision.

Karo Parisyan V.S. The Champ GSP

Round-2 against George St. Pierre trying to flip George and his base was strong and solid. I wasn’t able to flip him, but I got him off-balance, and again almost submitted him.

Karo Parisyan V.S. Drew Fickett

Round-2 he kicks me while I catch his leg and feed him some solid leather that dropped him and I won the fight in a dominating performance!

Karo Parisyan V.S. Dong Yun Kim

Round-2 Dong Yun Kim ate a right hand where I switch to South-Pow against him, and was able to land some solid punches from there.

Karo Parisyan V.S. Ryo Chonan

Round-1 swinging heavy leather on the “Great Japanese Fighter” that had recently beaten the World Champion Anderson Silva with an amazing Leg-Lock!

The “Heat” V.S. Thomas “The Wildman” Denny

Here is the stare-down before the fight where I broke his arm and won the fight with a unanimous decision!

The “Heat” V.S. Ryo Chonan

10 seconds into Round-1, Ryo kicks me… I land a punch to take him to the ground and almost finished the fight with a right hand as you can see in the picture. He was able to recover and continue the fight on foot however.

The “Heat” V.S. Dong Yun Kim

Round-1 throwing the Judo Olympian from Korea with a nice Judo throw, which was 1 of 4 throws I did and showed everyone who’s the best Judo guy in MMA!

The “Heat” V.S. George St. Pierre

Here is Round-3 with George St. Pierre exchanging punches where he shot in and took me on the mat to continue the ground game.

The “Heat” V.S. Dong Yun Kim

At the Weight-ins I stare down my opponent letting him know I am the best Judo guy in the Mixed Martial Arts game, and I’m willing to prove it to him in the Octagon tomorrow night… and I did!

The “Heat” V.S. Matt Serra

Here is Round-3… the worst beating I have ever put on an opponent. But the heart that Matt Serra has kept him from the fight being stopped. But not with a little cost.